Stans’ Hunt For Silverware Goes To New Levels

This weekends run-out against the Chavs can’t come quickly enough. Sure, plenty of people out there see it as nothing more than a glorified friendly. But when it’s your mob out there on the park taking on the league champions in front of a decent Wembley crowd, it’s pretty tough to not take it slightly more seriously. It’s a chance to get one over on our rivals, build some sort of momentum for the first league encounter barely a week later and also add to the trophy cabinet along the way. For most of us back here on the currently frosted shores of Oz, it might be a difficult ask to watch the game live. The kickoff time of 11pm (EST) on a Sunday night is far from ideal. I, myself, will be forced to watch on replay at a much more reasonable hour the next day.

After the curtain raiser at Wembley this weekend, it’s full steam ahead as we prepare to tackle another league campaign. Prior to all of that excitement though, we need to look back at all the best bits from this week…

Picking through the bones of another quiet few days, there seems to be a bit of a lull in real news at the moment, with the Neymar to PSG deal dominating the spotlight as far as transfer stories go.

We did see the return of key man, Alexis to the training ground after a suspect lurgy kept him overdue while he holidayed at home in Chile. The panic merchants saw the post and the speculation went into overdrive. Now that we’ve seen him back on the training ground, even running and kicking a ball, the interpretation of his every move has kicked on to ridiculous levels. The news that PSG have moved to pay astronomical money for Neymar obviously puts them out of the race for any deal involving our man and we have remained steadfast in our stance that Alexis will be an Arsenal player for the coming season.  Whether we see the #7 see out those terms is something we are all waiting to see unfold.


As far as transfers in, there is nothing to speak of. There was a little bit of a hubbub surrounding Wellington and a proposed move to Bordeaux falling through, which pissed a few people off. Since we’ve probably painted out the change rooms at the Emirates more times than Wellington has seen them, I’m not sure we need to worry ourselves about it. We are simply trying to get a $ value for a player still officially ours, nothing wrong with that. Anyway, Werder Bremen have emerged as a possible destination for the Brazilian with a fee in the region of €5m. Whatever.

Oh, in-case you needed another reason to sharpen your sticks when it comes to owner Stan Kroenkes administration of the club – the American entrepreneur launched an online TV channel in the UK this week. What’s the big deal, I love Netflix/Stan/Amazon etc? The storm in this particular teacup comes from the content of “My Outdoor TV” containing programs which show the hunting and killing of endangered animals. Over here in Australia, we are all for living off the land and farming local indigenous wildlife for our own kitchens and fridges – hell, we are the only country that eats it national coat of arms! Mmm, some delicious Roo burgers will have you hopping round the living room like a cut cat!

What most of us are irked by in this particular situation is the fact that hunting endangered animals, even legally, is a bit of an archaic pastime that conflicts with the constitutions of many a modern football fan. In an era of over the top reactions in an attempt to be the most offended or vilified, this is one reflection on the club we could do without. It’s just a bad look plain and simple and while it may not necessarily mean Kroenke has to be given an ultimatum from the Arsenal board, it is an image we would rather not be associated with and the smart money would be on a silent (heh) withdrawal of the channel from the UK market in the near future. We’ve got an idea for a new show from Stans’ hunting channel; it’s about the hunt for an elusive trophy that can only be captured once per year. Where men use their feet to lethal effect against their adversaries over the course of 9 months. Shooting again and again until all other hunters are left in a heaping, bloody pile before finally standing over their smouldering corpses, their prize in hand, glory achieved. That’s a show I think we could all get behind….

In the lead up to the first game of the league campaign next week, we will be running a special week of content analysing our thoughts on what to expect from the senior list throughout the season. It should be an interesting preview to get you through the week, so keep your eyes out for that!

We look forward to bringing you another season of content to digest as we go through the ups and downs of another interesting campaign.

PS: Don’t forget to check out the latest offering from the Pod where we recently spoke with local Arsenal tragic, Elijah about what it means to be a fan of the Arsenal watching from afar….



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