New season, new players, new hope!

On our most recent Podcast (Episode 38 – Two in Eighty Five Days) we made mention of a return to activity of the Gunners Down Under Blog, and in particular, the addition of a regular guest blogger. So without further ado, we are proud to present the newest signing here at Gunners Down Under; Mr.Gareth Stringer of The 89th Minute Blog and The Gooner Girls Podcast fame! Over to you Gareth:

It’s an honour to be sitting here in the UK, penning a few words for the Gunners Down Under. Huge thanks to the chaps for asking me, and I’m looking forward to contributing on a regular basis.

As well as getting to know Matty and Dale via their own podcast, and through my occasional role as the resident male on the Gooner Girls Podcast, they have also been a great help with research in to one or two pieces I have written for 89th Minute about the A-League.

The A-League is now broadcast live here and has become a Saturday morning regular for me, and I’m already looking forward to the new season starting in a couple of months.

Right now though it is all about the start of the Premier League and yes, I’ll admit to being an excited and confident Gooner.

There’s a long campaign ahead but with the signings we’ve made, and the prospect of more to come, along with what is quite obviously a great spirit in the camp, I genuinely think there is much to look forward to.

It all stems from May of course, and lifting the FA Cup seems to have given everyone at the Club a real shot in the arm, and the momentum with which we finished the 2013 / 2014 season continued on in to the summer.

Arsene Wenger lifts the FA Cup once more

Arsene Wenger lifts the FA Cup once more


So we go in to the new season with a number of excellent new signings, having kept the players we want to keep, Theo Walcott returning from injury and three World Cup winners! We also have a manager who looks visibly renewed and excited about being in charge of a Club that can truly challenge and even a new fitness and performance expert. I mean, we might even keep Diaby fit for a few months!

Of the new signings, Alexis will probably grab most of the headlines, and rightly so, for he is a 100% bona fide world class player, but Debuchy looks like a Sagna upgrade, Calum Chambers is going to be a huge star and in David Ospina, when he’s fit, we have real competition for Szczesny.

Alexis Sanchez, a brilliant addition

Alexis Sanchez, a brilliant addition

Joel Campbell looked excellent at the World Cup and is like a new signing (sorry!), Sanogo scored four goals against Benfica, treble winners in Portugal last season, and Wenger is still talking about adding to the squad.

For me, a centre back, or ideally, a centre back who can also add some presence to the midfield would pretty much complete the jigsaw, although I do think he might be tempted to add another goalscorer if he can – and I do mean a proper striker, not another diminutive midfield player, we’ve got plenty of those.

Crystal Palace, actually, manager-less Crystal Palace (bye bye Pulis!) offer the first hurdle and it’s one we should clear with ease, hopefully laying down an impressive marker for the season ahead.

Okay folks, I’m going to say it…“My name is Gareth and I’m an optimistic Gooner.” Until next time…


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