Next stop, umm.


Hi all and Welcome to Monday,

Its the start of a new week and with the team and staff back from their highly successful tour of Asia, we should start to see some fresh updates on how things are progressing in various areas of the club. There’s some Emirates cup action to look forward to as we welcome Porto, Galatasaray and Napoli as they join the 2 day round robin tournament. I would expect that there may be more interest than usual in this edition of the Cup as we face the very real prospect of lining up against Gonzalo Higuain in his new role as spearhead of the Napoli strike force. A lot of Gooners had good reason to believe, recently, that we would be seeing the Argentine in the Red and White come round 1 of the new season, but with Napoli swooping in and completing a quickfire deal for a fee in the region of 40 million euros, we have seen him wrenched from our grasp.

We may also see the appearance of Brazilian Whizkid Bernard, although as yet its not entirely certain who it will be for. Recent speculation has strongly linked the 20 year old with a move to Porto, while nothing much has been revealed as far as our intentions towards the youngster go past rumors of a medical at London Colney last Friday. As far as I’m concerned, I would love to see him come to The Arsenal, but as mentioned on last weeks Pod, getting too attached to names before they have signed anything can lead to feelings of frustration!

Which brings us nicely to the point that is bubbling away in the minds of many a Gooner, “Why you no spend money, Wenger?” While it is definetley a valid question, I cant see the point in the amount of Vitriol and negativity spewed forth from some corners. It is frustrating to see players linked and then taken off the table as they move on to other clubs. And, yes, it is frustrating that our rivals are making additions to their squads while we seemingly fly blind through yet another day of inactivity. But if there is one thing we should be aware of, having followed this team through many a transfer window previously, its that this is the way we have always tended to do business under Wenger. He is a notoriously secretive dealer and rarely gives any specifics about any potential deals, even when they are all but confirmed. I wont argue that some of his recent comments about being able to challenge for the title can be done with or without additions to the squad have added to levels of anxiety with the fans, especially since it is plainly obvious that recent departures demand at least some kind of replacement purely from a numbers point of view.  But some of the angst among those with a will to turn everything into a negative soap opera has really gotten out of hand.

There was some recent hilarity provided to us in the form of Michael Owens recent comments regarding Suarez’ potential exit from the Anfield club. In an interview on BBC radio Owen expressed his belief that Suarez would be better suited by staying on at liverpool, saying;

“I’m struggling to understand why he would leave and stay in England, with Liverpool being the stature they are,” 

“From Suarez’s point of view, you can understand him if he wants to reach the absolute pinnacle of the game – that’s playing in the Champions League.

“Liverpool, obviously, are not in that at the moment.

Heheh. He then continues;

“Truthfully, can you really see Arsenal winning the Champions League next season, or going into the later stages? Unless they buy a good few players, then I can’t.”

Poor Mr.Owen has failed to notice that Suarez is indeed one of the “few good players” we are looking to bring in, knuckle head. Also, the stature of Liverpool, playing in the champions league, these are both things that Arsenal currently exceed the Merseyside club in. I think you’ll find that Liverpool have only once finshed above Arsenal whilst under the reign of our oft maligned Manager. Liverpool are a club desparatley clinging onto their ever distant rule of the arcaic Division 1 and have recently shown their stature in the transfer window by spending obscene amounts of money on quality players such as Downing, Henderson, Carroll and Adam. 

Why indeed Michael.

So while there are those among us who would like nothing better than to stick the boots in as the club goes about its business quietly behind the closed doors of the Emirates, why not step back and take solace in the fact that we don’t have blokes like Owen at the club, trying to ignite a comedy routine out of the embers of a pundits career that is clearly beyond him.

And on that note, have a good Monday!!


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